About Dr. Kalarickal Ashokan

In this modern world where the medical science is well developed, there are some people who are behind the curtain providing effective and useful medicines for their patients. One such man who has provided his valuable findings in traditional Ayurvedic medicine is, Dr. Kalarickal R. Ashokan who belongs to a small village named Vellanad in the capital district, Trivandrum in Kerala, India.

Ashokan Vaidyan on interview with DoorDarshan

Dr. Kalarickal Ashokan is a traditional Ayurvedic ‘A’ class medical practitioner in Trivandrum. A common young man in a small village has acquired all his knowledge regarding the medicines and its functions in human body all by his own. He began his quest for this knowledge since he was 19 years and succeeded in finding an effective medicine to cure the disease caused in the pancreas at the age of 33. With his hard work and strong desire to acquire knowledge, he gathered all the required information’s regarding the traditional medicines and the human body taking it as a whole.

Dr. Ashokan is the founder of the Kalarickal Bone Errotion and Diabetic Clinic which is also called as the Kalarickal Ayurvedic Clinic in vellanad, Trivandrum. In 8 years he has treated and cured over 2000 patients with diabetes, bone errotion and piles with the medicine he has found by himself after his 14 year long experiments.

Dr. Kalarickal Ashokan is the founder of the Ayurvedic medicine which completely cures the diabetes type-2 disease, for the first time in history. No one has invented such a medicine so far. For his historical finding of the Ayurvedic medicine to completely cure the diabetes, he has been privileged with a doctorate by Kolkata Vishvaprakash Open University. He has been also honored with the Mother Theresa Award of 2009 by the Soft Petals Foundation in Mumbai.

Dr. Kalarickal Ashokan is of the opinion that most of the diseases caused to human beings are due to their modern lifestyle as well as unhealthy food habits. One will be free of all these diseases only after following a healthy food habit and proper physical exercise. Dr. Ashokan points out that the modern generation who leads a posh lifestyle has more chance of getting affected with diabetes and other diseases. He is keener in curing the disease by solving the defect of the disease causing organ than on reducing the disease which may last only for a temporary period.

He founded medicines by thinking how it will be useful for him, if that disease occurred to him. He first found out the benefits and harms of traditional medicines, then its functions and later brought together his formulas and thus made the medicines. He provided these medicines to his patients and tested its effectiveness for years.


Specialized Treatments

The main treatments are as follows


He is the first person in the world to find such a medicine which


Asthi Theymanam

Dr. Kalarickal Ashokan is the founder of the traditional medicine



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